What We Offer



Website Efficiency Reviews
Our analysis explores the following: Is your website turning away business? How's your monthly traffic? From where are visitors coming? Why are visitors leaving? What pages are can be built upon and what pages need trimming? How do we get more visitors? We also take this time to hear about your latest business news and developments so we can discuss ways to make sure they are included in your site.

eBay Business Consultation
Smart business owners have come to realize that creating a sales channel on eBay can dramatically increase their revenues and their customer base.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
Do you know where your site ranks with the big 3 search engines? Have you optimized you pages to get the most out of the search indexers? What's your pagerank?

Online Ad Campaign Management
Online advertising managers say between 25 percent and 50 percent of the money they spend on search advertising campaigns is wasted. Success is achieved by focusing on metrics, by establishing a management process for ad campaigns and by targeting advertising resources to achieve the best results for the least money.

Technology Purchase Advisory
Replacing your business's computers? Looking for a new laptop? Digital Camera? Want a printer that does 10 color pages per min average? How about projectors? LCD TV's? Cell Phones? Send us an email we can help you decide what products at the best prices fit your individual business needs.

If your interested in any of our services or have any questions please contact info@tempusmedia.com